3 Easy Filters For Cleaning Out your Closet

Welcome to Style by Toyin!  I’m so glad you stopped by!  I’m Toyin, a personal stylist and shopper for millennials.  I’m most passionate about helping professional and entrepreneurial millennial women, like you,  build a wardrobe full of clothes you actually love! The kind of wardrobe that makes you excited to get dressed in the morning instead of frustrated or overwhelmed.


So how do you do this?  How do you curate this magical closet that I’m talking about?  Well, first you have to understand what you have and why your current closet is making you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or unfocused.


I’ve created a guidebook that walks you through this whole process!  First, I give you questions to ask yourself about your current wardrobe.  Then I show you how to find inspiration to motivate you to figure out your own style.  Then the fun part begins.  The shopping!  I also share what you can do if shopping just isn’t your thing.

3 Easy Filters For Cleaning Out Your Closet

Filter 1:  Have you worn it in the past 6 months?

You know that one dress you bought that “would look so cute when you go on a date” but you never go on dates?  Or that piece that was really out of your comfort zone but your friend convinced you it looked sooo good on you?  I’m sure there are many more scenarios just like these.


If you haven’t worn these items in the past six months, chances are, you won’t wear them in the next six months.  So why are you letting it clutter your closet?


Here’s what usually happens to me.  I had this dress that I thought would look really cute on a night out or if I went on a date or something.  But then, I never went on a date, and when I go out I like to wear pants and booties.  That’s my look.  So I would still never wear the dress.


And when I would try on the dress to wear it somewhere, I just always felt like it was too short and I would feel uncomfortable in it.  So finally, I decided to go for it!  I wore the dress.  And it looked fine.  But when I sat down, it got way too short.  I felt uncomfortable the whole night.  I should have given away the dress a long time ago.


So my point is...if you haven’t worn the item in six months, there is a reason.  Figure out what that reason is and move on.


But...but what if you still really like the piece you haven’t worn in six months?  That’s when you move to step two!

3 Filters for Cleaning out Our Closet, Building a Wardrobe, Style by Toyin

Filter 2:  Can you wear it 3 ways?

We all may have different numbers here, but I deem an article of clothing useful to me when I can style three outfits with it.  A lot of times, we buy an item and envision wearing it one way.  And we only wear it that one way.  Because that was the vision we had.


But I like to challenge myself to style the items in my closet in different ways.  And sometimes I come up with a combination that looks even better than what I first envisioned.


So if you have a piece of clothing that you haven’t worn in six months but you don’t want to let it go, see if you can style it in at least 3 ways.  So that you have a least three outfits in your mind.


Pro Tip:  Take pictures of the outfits you’ve styled and create a folder in your phone just for outfits.  So you can just scroll through those pictures to help you decide what to wear.  There is also an app called Stylebook that helps you do the same.


Now, what if you can’t style your item in three ways?  Well, you let the piece go or move on to step three.

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Filter 3:  In the next month, are you willing to buy pieces to make it work 3 ways?

This is the final filter, where you decide once and for all if you need this piece of clothing in your closet...aka your life!  Lol!  You haven’t worn this piece in six months but you want to make it work.  You don’t already have items in your closet to wear the piece three ways.  So now you just have to ask yourself:


Am I willing to purchase new pieces to be able to wear this beloved item three ways?


If this last step doesn’t convince you to get rid of it, you must have some kind of deep rooted emotional attachment to this piece.


Summary of the 3 filters for cleaning out your closet

So to recap, start with how long you’ve had a piece in your closet.  If you’ve worn it in the past six months, maybe you should keep it.  If you haven’t worn it in six months, give it away or move on to step two.  


Determine if you can wear the piece in three different ways using only the items you already have in your closet.  If you can, try wearing one of those looks this week.  If you can’t, get rid of it or move on to step three.


Figure out if you are willing to buy new pieces specifically to create outfits with that piece.  If you are, keep the item and go shopping.  If you aren’t willing to spend money to make the piece work, then you don’t need that piece in your wardrobe.


If you are ready to start the process of building a wardrobe you actually love, download my wardrobe guide and I’ll walk you through the process step by step.


xo, Toyin

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