Friday Nights After Grad School

Let’s talk about Friday night.  It means something different after grad school.  I remember when I was in college, Friday night meant that I would be going out, partying, staying up all night with my friends.  And then in grad school, Friday night’s became the time for grading parties, potlucks, and game nights with my friends.


And once I finished grad school, I expected that my Friday nights would make another transition.  I wasn’t sure what the transition would be but I assumed it would include friends.


Boy, was I wrong.


Let’s talk about how my Friday nights turned into me time nights after grad school.

How Friday Nights Are Not What You Would Expect After Grad School

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Moving to a New Town After Grad School

The first reason my Friday nights turned into me time after grad school was because I moved to a new town.  Where I didn’t know anyone. So how could I spend my Friday nights with friends if I didn’t have any?


Whoa...that got dark fast.  But, I did make friends eventually.


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But not having many friends the first semester of having a teaching position was very beneficial to me!  I had time to plan my courses. I definitely spent most of my weekends working at first. Definitely not anymore.


Cut to a few months later.  I had friends. But I was still spending my Friday nights alone.  Why?

Fun Times Aren't Limited to the Weekend After Grad School

The second reason my Friday nights turned into me time nights after grad school was because I started hanging out with my friends during the week.  I had dance practice, trivia nights, Bible study, Star Trek nights with my friends during the week. So by the time Friday would come I would be exhausted and not want to do anything but spend time with myself.  #introvertproblems


I needed to recharge.  And what better way to do that than with some me time and self care.

Self-Care Activities After Grad School

Here’s a list of self-care activities you can add to your Friday night routine.  Sign up below to receive the list to your inbox and be notified when the next addition to the After Grad School Series is posted.


Personally, there are three things at the top of my list.

  1. TV.  Friday night is my TV time.  I actually really love watching TV and getting really invested in the stories.  But I never have time to watch my shows during the week. So I watch them on Friday nights.  You can usually find me watching TGIT. I love all things Shonda Rhimes. Let me know in the comments what your favorite Shonda show is.  Grey’s, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Station 19?

  2. Working on my business.  I’m a learner. I literally spend ages 3-26 in school nonstop.  I love learning and learning about business is no different. Sometimes on Friday nights, I like to watch webinars, live videos, and online courses about business strategies and techniques to apply to my side hustle.  I could do this for hours.

  3. Talking on the phone with my friends.  This is a pastime I haven’t really enjoyed since middle school.  But I’ve met so many awesome friends at every stage of my schooling and its nice to reconnect with them.  Once, I had a virtual movie night with my friends where we all Red Boxed Girl’s Trip and watched it together and met comments in Group Me from our three separate cities.


So as you can see, my Friday nights have completely changed since finishing grad school.  And I love it. Tell me how you spend your Friday nights in the comments.