The Millennial Closet Cleanse

How to Declutter and Organize your Closet in One Weekend!

This past weekend, I hosted a Live closet cleanse in my Facebook group, Styled with Intention.  It was so much fun and so many of my group members participated and now feel less stressed and less overwhelmed when they go into their closets.

How do you know when it's time to clean out or reorganize your closet?

Well, do you ever feel overwhelmed when you go into your closet to get dressed? Do you find yourself wearing the same outfits every week? Do you feel like what you are wearing doesn't quite reflect who you are or where you are in your life right now?

If the answer to any of those questions was yes for you, you should definitely complete The Millennial Closet Cleanse! It's basically going to be like a party in my Facebook group this weekend.

I'm going to take you inside of my closet and show you how I declutter, reorganize, and decide what stays and what goes!

Don't have time to read this right now?

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What is The Millennial Closet Cleanse?

The goal of my Facebook Group, Styled with Intention, is to help professional millennial build a wardrobe that they actually love.  So that they feel excited instead of frustrated or overwhelmed when they get dressed in the morning.

How the Millennial Closet Cleanse Works:
1. Below, I will share the prompt for each of the three days of the cleanse. This prompt will tell you the goal for each day.  You can definitely work through the whole cleanse in one day if you have a free Saturday!
2. I've also posted the Live videos from my Facebook group.  In the videos, I walk you through the whole process while giving you a peek into my wardrobe.
3. When you are finished with the cleanse, I have the next step for you to help you build a wardrobe that you actually love.

Day 1 of The Millennial Closet Cleanse


This is one of my favorite parts of this process. Your assignment is to go into your closet and take out your favorite pieces and outfits.

And I want you to actually think about why you love those pieces. You may want to write your answers down. These reasons can serve as guidelines for you when you are deciding what to keep and what to give away.  This will also help you when you go shopping.

Once these pieces are out of your closet, don't put them back in until the Day 3 of the closet cleanse.

💕SHAREBACK ITEM: I would love it if you would join Styled with Intention and shared a picture of your favorite pieces in the group with #millennialclosetcleanse. Bonus points if you also tell us why you love the pieces you share!

Here are my favorite pieces in my closet.

The Millennial Closet Cleanse - Favorite Pieces - declutter and organize your closet in one weekend

I also made a little (very dark) video walking through my analysis of each piece.


Day 2 of The Millennial Closet Cleanse

Today, you actually take all of the clothes out of your closet.

Warning: these clothes will stay outside of your closet and clutter your floor or bed until tomorrow.

But today, I want you to throw all of your clothes into 4 piles: keep, donate, trash, and keep-for-now (optional).  You may only need the first 3 piles. If you find that you are going to need to get rid of too many clothes, start a keep-for-now pile. You still need clothes sustain your lifestyle!

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Day 3 of The Millennial Closet Cleanse

This is the final day of The Millennial Closet Cleanse! Today, I want you to put all of the items from your Keep pile back into your closet.

I know it may be tempting to reorganize your closet by color. But in fact, organizing by type of item is much more helpful.  When you put all of your dressy shirts together and your camis together and your skirts together, it makes putting outfits together much easier!

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What to do once you have decluttered and organized your closet.

Once you have completed The Millennial Closet Cleanse, the next step of your journey is to enjoy your new closet.  Right now, your closet is filled with only the pieces you love and want to wear.

I know that it's sooo tempting to go back to wearing your same old outfits.  But I challenge you to try to style different looks.  Try wearing a blouse that you always wear with jeans with a skirt.  Need help with this?  Check out Styled with Intention.  There you can ask me all of your style questions.