What to Wear for a Photoshoot: Choosing your Accessories

Welcome to lesson five of “How Does This Look?”, a collaboration with my favorite photographer Amanda Olivia. Through the last four blog posts, we have given you our tips and tricks for choosing the perfect outfits for your upcoming photoshoot!

This series has six parts to help you feel confident and prepared for your photo session:

  1. Fundamentals of Style

  2. Your Style v. Your Photographer's Aesthetic

  3. Confidence in Your Outfit, Posing, and Moving

  4. Dressing for your Body Type

  5. Accessories

  6. Dressing for the Seasons

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Today, we are talking about my one of my favorite style essentials, accessories! In this post, I will share how to decide which accessories to wear for your photoshoot as well as how to style them. If you’ve seen any pictures of me, you know I love to wear a cute statement necklace. However, you’ll read that I don’t always think big, bold jewelry is the best choice for a photoshoot.

Accessories for Engagement Sessions

If you are planning an engagement photoshoot for you and your partner, less is more when it comes to your accessories. You want the focus to be on you and your relationship. And speaking of focus, the accessories you want to bring attention to is THE RING!

You don’t want to over-accessorize and overshadow your beautiful ring that represents the bond between you and your partner. I recommend delicate and dainty jewelry that complements your outfit but doesn’t distract from you and the ring.

Accessories Should Complement, Not Compete

Remember, your photos should highlight you! And so much work goes into choosing the right location and the perfect outfit that flatters your body as well as the overall aesthetic of the photoshoot. Your accessories should fit right in with the pictures.

You don’t want to choose accessories that are so busy that they compete with your outfit or clash with the background or location of your photoshoot.

Accessory Recommendations

So you probably want some recommendations of accessories that will work well in your photoshoot. For women, I like to keep the jewelry small and dainty as I mentioned before. You can do a lot with smaller jewelry, like layering them to create a unique look.

Other accessory ideas include scarves, hats, bandanas, headpieces, or belts. Just keep in mind the aesthetic of your photoshoot.

For the men, I recommend keeping it classic with a watch and a pocket square, if you’re feeling fancy.

I hope that this blog post helps you choose accessories to wear for your upcoming photoshoot. Have you thought about non-traditional accessories. Amanda is sharing the accessories she recommends her clients bring to their photo sessions in this post.

Toyin Alli