What to Wear for a Photoshoot: Confidence

Welcome back to “How Does This Look?” I hope that you have enjoyed learning about the 5 fundamentals of style as well as how to marry your style with your photographer’s aesthetic. My friend, Amanda, and I are on a mission to help you figure out the best outfits for YOU to wear for your next photoshoot.

"How Does This Look?" will give you the confidence to choose the right outfits for you and your photoshoot.  There are six parts in this series:

  1. Fundamentals of Style

  2. Your Style v. Your Photographer's Aesthetic

  3. Confidence in Your Outfit, Posing, and Moving

  4. Dressing for your Body Type

  5. Accessories

  6. Dressing for the Seasons

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Today, we are talking about confidence. The key to looking fabulous in your everyday life as well as in photographs! The three things that I want to help you with today are your mindset, posing, and preparation for your photoshoot.

Confidence Tip #1: Mindset

Mindset plays a huge role in how we show up for everything we do in our life. And that is especially true when choosing an outfit to wear for a photoshoot. It sounds very “woo-woo” but you have to believe that you will look amazing in your photoshoot.

And to do that, you need to choose an outfit that you look amazing in! Have you ever worn an outfit that made you feel like, “this is me and I look amazing!”? That’s the exact feeling we are going for when choosing an outfit for a photoshoot.

A big mistake is to try to look “fashionable” or “sexy” for your photoshoot when that isn’t who you are in your everyday life. I mean, it is perfectly fine to wear an elevated version of your style but it should still feel like YOU!

So what do you do if you are unsure about what looks amazing on you? You could hire a personal stylist. Or do what I do and have a fashion show for your friends! Invite your most positive friends over and try on all of the things for them.

I love sharing outfits with my friends. They always boost me up and give me that extra dose of confidence. And that’s exactly what you need before going to your photoshoot.

Confidence Tip #2: Posing

Posing is literally your one job during your photoshoot. But let me guess. You’re not a model and don’t spend 85% of your life posing for a photographer! Just the thought of it can make you feel so awkward.

I find it really helpful to go into the photoshoot with a handful of poses ready to go that look great on your face and body! How do you find the best poses for you? Try some out in the mirror. Set a timer on your phone camera and see what looks good!

If you don’t have any idea of what poses to try out, check out Pinterest and Instagram. Look for the style and fashion bloggers that have a similar body type as you and see how they pose for pictures.

Once you have 3-5 poses that you can hit on command, you can go to your photoshoot super confident and you won’t feel as awkward.

Confidence Tip #3: Preparation

Preparation is MAJOR KEY! Being prepared for your photoshoot before the day of your photoshoot will relieve some of your stress and help you feel more confident in your outfit and taking your pictures.

Start by finalizing your outfit at least 1-2 weeks in advance. Then, try on your outfits and work on your poses. If you are wearing a dress or skirt, try some poses that will show movement!

And finally, treat yourself and take care of yourself! Amanda and I have come up with a list of confidence boosting activities to try before your photoshoot.

Confidence-Boosting Activities

  • Getting your hair done/trimmed

  • Getting your nails done

  • Getting a massage

  • Applying a facial mask/cleanse (do this at least 3 days before your photoshoot)

  • Take a relaxing bath

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and are feeling more confident about your upcoming photoshoot. Want to learn confidence tips from a photographer’s perspective? Amanda has written a blog post on this topic here!

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