What to Wear for a Photoshoot: Dressing for the Seasons

Yay! We made it to the last day of our “How Does This Look?” series where Amanda and I help you decide what to wear for your next photoshoot! This series has six parts to help you feel confident and prepared for your photo session:

  1. Fundamentals of Style

  2. Your Style v. Your Photographer's Aesthetic

  3. Confidence in Your Outfit, Posing, and Moving

  4. Dressing for your Body Type

  5. Accessories

  6. Dressing for the Seasons

What to wear for a Photoshoot, Dressing for the seasons

In this post, we are discussing how to style your outfits based on the season and the location of your photoshoot. If you decide that you want to consider the seasons when planning your outfit for your photoshoot, here are some tips and suggestions.

What to Wear for the Seasons: Winter

In the winter, the weather is much cooler and the plants and trees will be dead. So your background will likely include lots of browns and neutral colors. I think that bold jewel tones like sapphire, purple, or gold will look beautiful with a winter backdrop! And try to choose heavier fabrics to withstand the weather. However, you don’t want your clothes to get too bulky.

What to Wear for the Seasons: Spring

In the spring, the flowers are starting to bloom and the weather will be a bit warmer. Choosing outfits with soft pastel colors will look amazing! Also, it may be tempting to wear lots of floral. And you definitely can! You just want to be mindful of your background. For example, if you are taking your photos in a garden, you probably don’t want to wear a full floral outfit. You might blend in with the background. And you definitely want to stand out, in a complementary way!

What to Wear for the Seasons: Summer

Amanda has some amazing tips for how to withstand the heat and not look sweaty in your pictures. So make sure you check out her blog post! For your outfit, you can wear just about any color. But its the fabric that matters. You want to wear something breathable and flowy to help you stay “cool” in the summer heat. I love fabrics like linen or a light weight cotton for those really hot summer days.

What to Wear for the Seasons: Fall

In the fall, the leaves are starting to change colors and everything around you will be yellow, red, orange, or brown. I think that fall is one of the most popular seasons to take pictures in because those colors are so warm and comforting. And you can wear almost anything in that setting. I do want to add that you probably don’t want to wear colors that compete with those fall tones like hot pink!

Don’t forget to check out Amanda’s post where she shares exactly what she tells her clients in preparation for their photo sessions:

We hope that you have enjoyed this series and that it was informative and helpful for you. If you have any questions or if there was anything that we missed, please leave a comment below and we will answer!

Toyin Alli