What to Wear for a Photoshoot: Your Style

Welcome back to How Does This Look! In this series, I’ve partnered with an amazing photographer, Amanda Olivia! And we are giving you some of our tricks of the trade to help you find the perfect look for your upcoming photoshoot.

"How Does This Look?" will give you the confidence to choose the right outfits for you and your photoshoot.  There are six parts in this series:

  1. Fundamentals of Style

  2. Your Style v. Your Photographer's Aesthetic

  3. Confidence in Your Outfit, Posing, and Moving

  4. Dressing for your Body Type

  5. Accessories

  6. Dressing for the Seasons

Last time, we talked about the 5 Fundamentals of Style that you should consider when choosing an outfit to wear for your photoshoot. If you missed that post, you can find it here along with a video of me and Amanda walking you through those 5 fundamentals!

Today, let’s discuss your style and your photographer’s aesthetic. It’s so important that they compliment each other!

Your Style v. Your Photographer’s Aesthetic

What to Wear for a Photoshoot:  Your style v. your photographer's aesthetic

Think about it. Have you ever seen a photograph that wasn’t quite right? Like, the outfit the person was wearing didn’t work with the background? Or the colors in the outfit looked strange?

This is likely an issue of the client not being prepared for the photo session or not understanding the photographer’s aesthetic.

And I think the solution to this mishap is two-fold.

  1. Study your photographer’s portfolio before you hire them.

  2. Discuss, in detail, with your photographer about the style or vibe of your photoshoot.

Solution 1: Study your Photographer’s Portfolio

Before you hire a photographer, extensively research their portfolio! And try to look beyond just the pretty photograph. Think about how their clients look in their photographs.

Is what they are wearing complementing the full aesthetic of the picture? Do you like what they are wearing?

It’s so helpful if you can find a photographer who has worked with someone with a similar style to you. And if those images look amazing, it’s a recipe for a great match!

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Solution 2: Talk With Your Photographer

This solution sounds so easy but it’s actually pretty scary. You should definitely work with your photographer and get feedback on your outfit and the setting of the photoshoot. Ask them about their vision for the photo session and make sure that it’s aligned with what you want.

It can be very intimidating to work with a photographer. Because they are the experts and this may be your first photoshoot.

It’s ok to ask them as many questions as necessary for you to feel comfortable. Because, when you are on the same page, your style and your photographer’s aesthetic will be working together and you will love your photos even more!

Want to know what a photographer thinks about this topic? Well, Amanda has written a blog post on your style v. your photographer’s aesthetic from her point of view. You can find Amanda’s post here!

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