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The Millennial Closet Cleanse

Are you feeling frustrated or overwhelmed with your closet?  Do you always find yourself wearing the same things every week?

It sounds like you need a closet cleanse!  In the millennial closet cleanse, you will: 

  • Remove clutter from your closet so that you feel less overwhelmed when you get dressed in the morning
  • Reevaluate the items in your closet and determine which pieces are and aren't serving you in your new "adult" life
  • Create a wardrobe essentials shopping list of items to be bought so that you can build a complete wardrobe that you love

Closet Cleanse Details + Giveaway

The Closet Cleanse will happen in the Styled with Intention Facebook group.

I will be going Live in the group each day to share my progress and I'll give you little tips and tricks here and there.  There will also be prompts for you to respond to in the group to help hold you accountable.

Day 1:  You will discover your favorite items in your closet and learn why you like them so much!  This will help you determine what should stay and what should go!

Day 2:  You will take everything out of your closet and create keep, trash, and donate piles.

Day 3:  You will reorganize your closet in a way that will make getting dressed so much easier.

Giveaway:  One winner will be selected at the end of the challenge to win a 30-Minute Style Consultation. 

The closet cleanse begins Thursday, March 29.