hi, I'm toyin

I recently graduated with my PhD in Mathematics and landed my dream job in academia.  I started Style by Toyin to help professional millennials design a life they love through style, intention, and positivity.

As a newly minted professional, I understand the overwhelm of trying to adult.  But one thing I've always held dear is my ability to put an outfit together and slay whenever I want!  Even when everyone around could care less about style...remember, I work in a Math department.  But I still motivate myself to put effort in my look.

Another thing I've noticed is that life after grad school isn't what I expected it to be.  When I graduated two years ago, I felt underprepared to take on the real world...aka life after grad school.  But, I've figured a few things out that I'm happy to share with you!

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Special Event Styled


Do you have a photo session or special event planned but you have no idea what to wear?  You want to choose just the right outfit that looks amazing!  This package comes with a 30 minute consultation call and Pinterest inspiration board.  During our call, I will walk you through the 5 fundamentals of style and help you choose the perfect outfit(s) for your photoshoot or special event. 


Closet Decluttered

closet decluttered style by toyin

Do you feel overwhelmed or frustrated when you look in your closet to get dressed in the morning?  Ready to start your adult life but you aren't sure what items in your closet should stay and what should go?  If you live in the Athens area, I will come to your place to help you clean out your closet and determine a formula to help you figure out what items fit in your lifestyle and what items do not.


Style Defined

style defined style by toyin

Do you feel like your wardrobe is disjointed?  Half of your closet consists of clothes you wore in grad school and the other half is super professional stuff you bought when you started your new job.  But none of it actually feels like YOU!  Are you ready to finally figure out your unique, adult personal style?  Style Defined is a 30-minute consultation call where we discuss your current wardrobe, your goals, and determine a plan to help you build a wardrobe that you actually love.


Life Designed

life designed style with toyin

Adulting is hard!  Especially when you have spent most of your life in school while everyone else has been living life.  Remember when you were in school and your goal was successful completion of your degree?  Well, congratulations!  You did it!  But now what?  What is your next goal in life?  And how do you figure it out?  Life Designed is a 2 week program where we talk about the woes of adulthood, determine realistic long term and short term goals, and build a plan for living an exciting life that you enjoy.